©Bogdan Konopka. Paris rue Séguier, 15 IV 2015. Pinhole camera, silver gelatin print, chlorobromure paper. 16.5x20.5cm. Edition 3/10, printed by the artist

'France through the eye of Bogdan Konopka'

27 May - 22 June 2019 | The Hive Spring | Hong Kong 

Born in Poland and living in Paris, Bogdan Konopka is a travel photographer. From Europe to China, Konopka has been taking photographs of cities he visits or lives. Whatever if the subjects are a fragment of nature, an urban tissue or an interior, Konopka’s images are immediately recognisable at the first glance.


There are no dramatic events in Konopka’s photographs, his camera does not catch any ‘decisive moments’. The fragments of reality of almost still life quality emerge from a dark background.


Using large format or pinhole cameras, Konopka pays close attention to the quality of his photographs. His hand-made small prints are mostly contact prints with the same size as the original negative achieve perfection.


In the last fifteen years, Konopka’s works have been exhibited worldwide. His series The Invisible City brought him an international acclaim after its exhibition at Centre Pompidou in 2003, while another series, Paris in grey won him the European Photography Award, Grand Prix de la ville de Vevey, in 1998.


An associated project of Le French May 2019



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